Another Million?

30 Jan

So they are going to walk away from the near million dollar service centre and start again.   Fife obviously wants to throw good money after bad and just build.  Other people’s money ideals.  I’ve been meaning to take a photo of the service centre as they have left it.  So that is the million dollar question for me?  What about the recently closed one?  Board it up?  Knock it down?  That better be the reason two Bluff Community Board were at the ICC meeting in PE because the Service Centre itself it beyond their scope but ICC leaving yet another property to sit idle is.

I would like them to wake the #$!k up and realise that they have become more than what a council service centre needs to be.  If you look at the current arrangement at the town hall you will note that the whole of ‘chambers’ has been taken up by gifts and trinkets.  One freestanding plinth for NZ Post bags and the rest is non essential product that can be provided by the private sector.  There is a little shop by the bakery available for rent that could be a gift shop if that is what our community needs.  It is not councils job.  How about Venture Southland help someone get some start up funding from central government to open there rather than the ongoing costs of product, staff and shop space for the council (ratepayer).

Set up the essential property files in the old bank, with the franchises (another rant for another day) and get out of the trinket business.  Being an old bank it would be the perfect place to house an ATM too.  Oops that’s right Mitchell and her crew along with council screwed that option up.


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