21 Jan

A message from Venture Southland via email.  And they sent me The Year In Review (by snail mail!) without me requesting it!

Hi there,

 We are helping co-ordinate Invercargill’s response to the year-long Gigatown competition being run by Chorus.

 The winning town/city will receive discounted ultra-fast broadband connections and $200,000 towards a community technology project.

 This is a community-driven initiative and we are looking to work with Mayor Tim Shadbolt, SIT, businesses and schools etc to promote it and get people to register and score points on social media.

 We would appreciate if you could distribute the attached flyer through your networks/database or display the flyer as a poster – essentially we want people to think about how ultra-fast broadband could help them in their everyday lives.

 If you have any queries please follow up with me – and please like the face book page: https://www.facebook.com/Invercargillgigatown for ongoing updates.

 Thanks for your time and go #GigatownInvercargill

There is also this docx file with instructions (which I need to read and convert to PDF but my brain isn’t up to it right now).

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