Money For Nothing

16 Jan

The sinking A2B yacht race organisers are heading off to Melbourne with our ratepayer money.   I’m sure we could find some people who want to do a recce of the Galway Oyster Festival but the Rotary Club have probably already booked in for the next public funded jaunt.

The New Zealand Herald has more about the ‘event’.

Dave Mee of race organisers SMC Events told the Herald that his company was working on a revised business plan for the race and a decision whether the race would go ahead in 2015 was still at least a month away.

So now it seems our money could be totally wasted on an event that is not even confirmed (optimistically or not).  Sleepy Kett has turned into Dopey Kett.

I have to point out the omission by all journalists in regard to SMC Events.  Both The Southland Times and The New Zealand Herald refer to them as race organisers.  They may well be the organisers but it should not be forgotten that they are also shareholders.

Asked whether the spending was value for money for taxpayers, he said his company had “probably invested staff time well beyond the money we’ve received”.

You are a shareholder and event organiser!  SMC should have invested in the event whereas the ratepayers of Invercargill will quite possibly have nothing to show for their $115,000.


One Response to “Money For Nothing”

  1. Philip.T January 16, 2014 at 11:23 am #

    Isnt it amazing. The money has been invested in staff time. Yeah Right. Someone should ask for some records of salaries paid as by law they have to be kept. All that has happened is yes one person has been well paid and no doubt the local clowns will continue to pay him for absolutely no return. Wish it was that easy to make money but seems they only like to invest in the out of town con men. Never mind old Mrs Smith who has paid her rates for 65 years thinking that people have her interests at heart.
    And if they managed last year think what it will be like this year now Kett is in charge. Just have to wait till he snoozes off, slip the paper in front of him, wake him up suddenly and the signature will be done. Yep 200K in 2014 no doubt. Kett will only have one question and that will be looking over his shoulder and asking “how far do you want me to bend over David?”

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