Time’s Up

13 Jan

Charities Commission allows 3 months for changes to a charity to be lodged with them.  As of yesterday our Trustees-Elect for the Bluff Community Swimming Pool Trust are failing in their responsibilities.  It does of course pose the question…Are they legally responsible as Trustees?  They were elected through the Local Electoral Act and the election date was set as 12 October.  When do their responsibilities begin?

Sadly the Charities Commission is a farce and the pool trust is already late in submitting it’s finances for the year ended March 2013.   It will be interesting to see when these changes are finally made.  Meanwhile is there a lawyer out there that knows what the standing on when a trustee becomes a trustee is?  When elected or when lodged?  In many organisations it takes place at the AGM and the new positions are taken up immediately.  No waiting around to notify Charities or Societies…


One Response to “Time’s Up”

  1. Kylie January 13, 2014 at 5:08 pm #

    A kind lawyer (a contradiction…? LOL) has sent this through
    “the trust deed stipulated the local electoral act 2001 applies…..section 115 of the act applies and the trustees took office the day after the official result is declared by public notice under section 86”
    While it is a quick assessment of the situation, I would agree. BTW….official results were done on 17 October.

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