Case And Point

31 Dec

Basically Venture Southland are a waste of space and the council are idiots (article not online – see below for full article).

We all know council didn’t proudly promote their involvement with yet another commercial event until I outed them, but now it is obvious they are just morons.  For starters they claim they are attracting a ‘national event’.  Well…….okay….it may well travel throughout the nation but that means people won’t travel here when the event will also be held in their own area (no new money coming in).  It is great that this event will be in the area and available for those with the disposable income to attend.  If I were in Dunedin though, I sure as hell wouldn’t travel to the Invercargill event when I could travel to Queenstown for the same event.  The only way I would endorse council involvement here would be to a) provide the venue at no cost b) offer a Guarantee Against Loss.  Our council bribe professional event organisers to come here rather than say; how much to run the event?  How many tickets do you need to sell?  4000….?  We will guarantee you won’t lose money but that’s it (this is public money and we have ratepayers to answer to…).

Venture Southland…?  Well the article shows that they have had involvement in the Wachner Place event and are obviously aware of the issues it faces but did nothing to support or provide assistance.  Yet another jolly poor show…best they go and support another 126 failed oat milk crops

Where is Mary Napper with the council chequebook?  Where are Venture Southland, who are funded in excess of $1.5M per annum by ICC?

Mr Hewton said the lack of funding was frustrating, given the Invercargill City Council was willing to fund costly events such as the Classic Hits Winery Tour, to which it has committed $18,000, but not fund free community events like the Wachner Place party.


An organiser of the New Year’s Eve party at Wachner Place has hung up his party hat, meaning there is no family event planned in Invercargill tonight.

Taff Hewton said he planned to spend New Year’s Eve relaxing at home for the first time in about 30 years, having either played in bands or been involved with the Wachner Place party.

He provided sound and lighting equipment and support for the Wachner Place party from 1999 and took over running the concert from former Invercargill City councillor Thelma Buck in 2010.

‘‘It hasn’t been terribly well supported by the public, and costs keep going up, but funding wasn’t increasing,’’ he said.

The Invercargill Licensing Trust had funded the party since before he was involved. ‘‘They gave $4000 each year for about the last 10 years. That has never increased,’’ he said. ‘‘You can’t really do it adequately for $4000.’’

Mr Hewton said that two years ago he had given a budget to the trust requesting $5000 but it was only willing to provide $4000.

‘‘Venture Southland covered the shortfall out of their budget.’’

Trust general manager Greg Mulvey did not return calls yesterday afternoon.

Mr Hewton said the lack of funding was frustrating, given the Invercargill City Council was willing to fund costly events such as the Classic Hits Winery Tour, to which it has committed $18,000, but not fund free community events like the Wachner Place party.

However, he said he had not applied to the council for funding. ‘‘It was also quite difficult this year to get planning early on, when we were unsure whether development would begin on the [central business district] upgrade,’’ he said. ‘‘I had enough of doing something in the rain, the roof there leaks like a sieve and the acoustics are terrible.’’

Mr Hewton said that, despite New Year’s Eve being in the middle of summer, it seemed to have rained consistently during the past few years, and keeping electrical equipment dry and safe was challenging.

‘‘It was a lot of work with no thanks, and really it’s too big of a job for one person,’’ he said. ‘‘It really needs a committee or a group of people to get it going.’’

‘‘Maybe someone will decide to pick it up and get something running for next year.’’


One Response to “Case And Point”

  1. Philip.T December 31, 2013 at 11:44 am #

    Until we get some councillors that are prepared to ask questions sadly this will continue to be the norm. The questions are easy enough. Just ask how expenditure is measured as to its success. The same should be said for monies going to Venture. What new business has been created? How many additional visitors have come south? You want $55,000’s so explain what can be done to measure the success or otherwise of that money spent? No one will get it right every-time but lets get some accountability so when its never right someone has to hold their hand up. However we seem to have developed into a culture of rubber stamping clones who are afraid to ask even the simplest questions.

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