Well Said Hamish

26 Dec

I enjoyed today’s letter

Marie Antoinette never actually said “let them eat cake” but had she done so she’d have been demonstrating insensitivity and disconnection with reality on a par with those telling New Zealanders to insulate their homes.

I would also add that the frequent cold calling is of no help if the roof needs fixing.  Insulating homes is a great idea but is not the only thing that contributes.  Why limit the scheme?  And you might want to look at the amount of wastage from these insulation jobs.  I have rubbish bags full of off cuts of insulation that was to be skipped by the installer.  Not worth transporting it between jobs seemingly.  It is basically dacron and I know quilters who would dream of such a supply.  I would only endorse the gifting of the leftovers if they went to Mission Without Borders or similar though.  Maybe they could gift it to the Sallies and they could sell it to crafters?

Maybe Cllr Boniface (Southland Warm Homes Trust) should talk to Mary Napper (Quilter and Community Development Officer)?


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