You Guys Related?

23 Dec

Some aspects of Mr Price’s letter I will agree with but to claim Nigel Skelt deserves the right to smile ignores all the other issues.  The smile may well be a smirk – haha, the gravy train continues.

This is the same man that said in 2010:

Stadium manager Nigel Skelt initially refused to answer questions about the alarm system saying it was not of public interest.

“I just thought you would have a lot more to do with your time than questioning me on whether we had a fire alarm system and whether it was operational. I find it staggering,” Mr Skelt said.

He eventually confirmed that the alarms were turned off and on at various times but could not say when or how often.

How safety conscious of him.

Don’t get me wrong, the show was good.  Nigel Skelt’s name is listed as a director but I would hazard a guess to say the Event Co-ordinator deserves most of the credit.  Skelt was too busy trying to play the fool around Moorhouse (a sad sight to see) when I saw him.

Skelt’s intro in the programme said:

Welcome home to you all in your new “world class” international venue.

Even he isn’t willing to claim it truly is world class.   With eight (possibly ten) women’s toilets for over a thousand women (total attendance 2200) I wouldn’t call it world class either.   A world class facility wouldn’t have trestle tables and a couple of freestanding fridges as a bar.  Did they not incorporate a refreshment stand into the design?

I get that it is a work in progress but to laud it as the be all and end all when it has taken three years, is grossly over budget and has contributed to Holdco’s increased debt level is a bit much for me.  Nearly every statement, at what was supposed to be a festive Christmas Variety Show, had an ‘ILT Stadium Southland’ promotional byline.

BTW – Gretchen and Simon (More FM) were the compères (not compares).

One Response to “You Guys Related?”

  1. Philip T December 23, 2013 at 12:02 pm #

    Any other person managing a large public building where they knowing put the publics safety at risk would be down the road long ago. The refusal to be open and honest is the reason there are grumblings and we all deserve much better. However as long as we have the attitude that the ends justify the means nothing will change. Some good people are getting dragged into the mire because of the fiasco and refusal to get some good processes in place.

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