Big Noting

12 Dec

The copyrighted (whatever…sue me) Bluff Beacon has Mitchell attempting to hype up the closed door meeting between the oyster festival and council.

holdcoAR12122013_0000Watch this space?  Like the festival committee would be telling Mitchell anything.  ‘Someone’ is suggesting they have some sort of knowledge or information to offer, hollow words and the usual misinformation.

I was at the Infrastructure meeting last week.  Paul Horner did NOT suggest council liaise with the festival committee.  He was asked by Cllr Abbott if, given the festival committee were looking at the Club Hotel site, would he consider working in with them?  His response was that he would not rule it out but would have to look at their plans.  That was it.  There was no discussion of combining with the service building.

Mr Horner did say he didn’t have the power to purchase property but it was not relevant to any discussion about the Club or the festival.  It was an answer to a question.  The Service Centre report had five options.  His recommendation was to progress the costings for options 1 and 2 only.  The comment Mitchell has (possibly mischievously) placed in the ‘article’ was a response to being asked ‘why only options 1 and 2?’.  The other options involved other sites and the scope of his position confined his actions to the property council already own only.  Earlier in the meeting he had commented that he would not even be factoring the issue of adjoining buildings.

Jan Mitchell, still unable to lie straight in bed.  Feel free to ‘watch this space’ but if she has any information it will just be a rehashed newspaper article or rumours.  Pfft


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