I’d Have To Agree, With A Rider

11 Dec

The Suqian sister city arrangement is causing angst.  I believe Cr Arnold is correct to vote against it.

The city councillor raised her concerns about the agreement, which was signed by Mayor Tim Shadbolt last month before councillors formally voted on it.

Cr Arnold asked for her vote to be recorded against the recommendation of councillors endorsing the signing of the agreement.

Cr Lindsay Abbott voted against the recommendation when it was brought up in the finance and policy committee last week.

I will assume Abbott again voted against it.  I had thought this was an issue for Pottinger too?

Cr Arnold said the council had failed to follow the correct procedure, which could subject it to a judicial review.  Therefore she wanted her vote recorded against the agreement.

It may well be subject to a judicial review but it was done in the same way so many other things are done at ICC.  The point in law may be argued but sadly I feel an earlier council (many of which are still present) have done us a disservice.  I have outlined my concerns over this but now I would like to see this effect some change.  The Finance and Policy meeting that they ratified the Memorandum of Understanding at, along with the ‘intent and purposes’ of the document, went through full council without having any significant discussion and debate.  Therein lies the problem.  If each recommendation made in a committee meeting was highlighted to members at the following full meeting I believe these incidents would reduce and councillors (and community) would be better informed.

Waikato District Council help provide some insight:

Minutes are kept to provide a permanent record of what occurred at a meeting by way of a resolution (previously a recommendation in an Agenda report). A Committee/Community Board has the option to accept, reject, or modify a recommendation.

If we consider the committee minutes as an agenda report then the recommendations within are being accepted and voila – we have a council decision to ‘ratify the intent and purposes of the Memorandum of Understanding’ (of which #4 was a sister city arrangement as soon as possible).

The solution could be as simple as a cover sheet/report for each set of minutes.  If we do want to be pedantic and argue legislation, they are required to submit any resolutions  to the agenda.  Currently they just throw the minutes in there.  The agenda does not inform us of what will be happening to them; received, adopted, approved, accepted, recommendations contained within…

Here’s a hypothetical



That the minutes of the …. meeting be approved (ratified/confirmed as true and correct/adopted…)


1.  That council place the community in greater debt and help out our mates at Rugby Park by taking ownership of the Southland Outdoor Stadium.

2. That Rugby Park be renamed Tim Shadbolt Stadium.

3. That the stadium seating be arranged so that each councillor supporting this decision has a stand named after him/her.

Not many people read through ALL the minutes.  By highlighting each decision that is going to effect a change the councillors (and community) will be better informed.  For those that are interested in the topic and recommendation they can read the full minutes (which would still be in the agenda.  The mass of solidly typed pages that intimidate so many will be broken up by informative covering pages that make it easier to see what action is to be taken.

3 Responses to “I’d Have To Agree, With A Rider”

  1. Philip.T December 11, 2013 at 11:30 am #

    Karen is quite correct is asking for wanting to see a proper process being followed in decision making. If not then ask to have a record of a vote against it. The mess up in Kaipara will be made a lot worse if it can be shown things were not handled properly and people will become liable. The other point is once you get into arguing degrees on non compliance as mayor Tim seems happy to do when does it stop.

    • Kylie December 11, 2013 at 12:22 pm #

      I totally agree but sadly our previous cllrs have been accepting the way it has been or is. I want to see them arguing for better processes to ensure King’s slap up processes don’t prevail.
      Jackie Kruger was always raising the need for better procedures and that is what I want to see.

  2. L Bell December 11, 2013 at 11:31 pm #

    Shadbolt and King do know better about the correct process,what a insult to the residents and the new councillors having those two slip in a new relationship with China without following the correct process,
    what about those two put their energy in building a transparent relationship with the new team and us the ratepayer.
    Correct, Kruger would not have let them get away with it.
    OMG every thing they touch you only get half the story

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