‘Tabled Items’

10 Dec

ICC have added some documents to the agenda for today’s meeting.  To call them Tabled Items is strange but what are they deemed as?  Given they are both on the agenda as ‘to be circulated separately’ I would probably call them appendices.

Nice to see something I highlighted has made a change in the Policy on Appointment and Remuneration of Directors.  The previous policy had the CEO on the Director Appointment Committee.  Schedule 7 Clause 31 (4) does not allow staff to be on a committee.   Nice to see the councillor I pointed it out to has been able to effect a change.   They could have carried on with King involved if it had been a sub-committee but I’m happy to see the change.

I haven’t read it as yet in detail nor have I looked at the minutes of the Finance and Policy meeting.  Sadly I can’t go to the meeting either.  Boo hoo.


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