Way To Lose A Morning

9 Dec

I love LGOL but sadly it distracts me from life and responsibilities.  It does get me thinking though…

A Festival of Lights sounds cool.  During daylight savings is a problem though, it would only be enjoyed by those out after 10pm down here.  And local government shouldn’t fund it but considering our council have found a way to fund a Busker’s Festival

Any boats that have been to Nelson can stay there.  I wonder if we have NIWA divers do regular biosecurity checks and where I can get information about the results?

Wellington City Council are considering merging Tourism and Venues.  It may work for them but I don’t want Venture Southland being charged with the Civic Theatre (and possibly the Scottish Hall).  I fear the snowball effect of handing more over to Venture Southland.

Interesting to see where all the recyclables are going from a Wellington perspective…I wonder what an Invercargill breakdown looks like….?  That may require some research over the holidays.

Good old Wellington (again) already have their thinking caps on regarding earthquake prone buildings:

The initiative includes:
Remitting rates on a building while it is being strengthened but is not able to be tenanted.
Once an existing building is strengthened or demolished to hold rates at pre-strengthening levels (plus average rates increase) for three years.
Return 10% of building consent fees (up to $5000) once a building is strengthened.

The incentives package would be a ‘do now’ option while the Council works with the Government and other organisations, including the banking and insurance sectors, on the feasibility of other more ambitious schemes that could make financial assistance to building owners more affordable and freely available.

And reduction of Development Contributions if you build a ‘green’ building.  Good ideas or not I don’t know but at least there is more than just talk.  The options are on the table.

Don’t you feel so much more informed for reading LGOL!

I haven’t even read the paper yet, LGOL gives me food for thought while I complete monotonous tasks,whereasthe Southland Times irritates the shit out of me and I achieve very little around the house.

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