Earning Your Keep

8 Dec

It seems some of the Bluff elected members went to a council committee meeting.  First time they have probably been to the council chambers in town.  I better not see a mileage claim from Bluff funds.

The minutes of our first proper meeting here in Bluff showed that already an apology has been placed for a meeting.  Appalling in my view.  Lindsay Abbott has always pointed out that you must have an understanding employer when you choose to put your name forward for an elected role.  If you don’t get that organised from the start then don’t put your hand up.  When Charlie interviewed for his job he informed them he already had a commitment to the community board position and would need to take a few hours off from time to time.  His employer understood and agreed to that.

The community board is paid (about $100 a fortnight in the hand), there are only eight meetings a year (plus workshops if required).  Would you apply for a part time position and not be able to work the hours they were offering? But never fear, they have organised a Christmas get together.  Priorities!

Given they are already doing Council’s bidding, they will serve no purpose to us residents in my view.  Sadly I am bound by responsibilities to others and cannot expand but you have to wonder how effective a community board can be now anyway?  To me it seems like active residents replace elected members anyway.  Dog control issues that have been on Bluffies Facebook page aren’t raised at community board meetings.  It takes a few community members to push council to do their job.  That to me is the purpose of the elected members, being in touch with issues in the community and if council have a role to play, then make them do their job.  Residents shouldn’t have to run to the board especially when some elected members have had a presence on that Facebook page.


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