Sisters Or BFF’s

30 Nov

I do NOT want the whole sister city thing and fear the extra expenditure but the ‘Mickey Mouse’  democracy that has incensed Pottinger is the way it is done here in Invers.  King  seems to happy for us all to take he piss out of his ineptness.  I wonder if the reality is far worse.  The ‘Mickey Mouse’ system is a joke and we all claim King is an idiot and council are a mockery of effective governance but King and the old boys are getting their way…  Who’s laughing now?

One reason I liked Jackie Kruger was because she was always questioning process and trying to put better systems and policies in place (I will selectively ignore the Family Friendly policy on this occasion).  We have an ineffective system that has minutes submitted to each agenda without an attached report or cover sheet or any form of recommendation.  Ludlow at least stands up at the relevant meeting and says ‘that the minutes be presented and the recommendations within be adopted’ or something to that effect.   The slap/dash system we operate under is why this situation has arisen.  It started when Carolyn Dean signed a Memorandum Of Understanding.

From the minutes of Finance and Policy 28 August 2012

Moved Cr Sycamore, seconded Cr Dennis and RESOLVED that the report be
received and it be RECOMMENDED to Council that Council supports the
delegation going to China,
Council ratifies the intent and purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding.
Note: Cr Abbott voted against the recommendation.

And what does the MOU say


The resolution claims they agree to the intent and purpose of the MOU. Number 4 is pretty clear!

From there the minutes went to council and were accepted by the full council.  Like it or not, agree or not, historically that is how it has been allowed to be done.  It is the accepted norm.  Until the councillors present an alternative and more effective way and demand the change King will continue to run amok.

The councillors are there to govern.  King (and staff) may put together the agenda but it is up to the councillors to give direction with regard to the quality and style of reporting.  The councillors attested to LGOIMA, the LGA and Standing Orders, time to earn your money.

As I said, I don’t agree but nor do I want us to renege on what has been done by those representing us.  It was up to us to ensure they didn’t represent us inappropriately.  The feasibility study should have been done and precise resolutions and an action sheet may have prevented this.  Checks and balances are there for a reason.


One Response to “Sisters Or BFF’s”

  1. Philip.T November 30, 2013 at 10:45 am #

    There has been a gradual move in most areas for managers to dictate what goes in front of councils or boards. That means they end up ratifying things rather than governing. To pull apart stuff on an agenda when its recommended by staff tends to put people off side with their staff. Richard seems a master at using the council as a big rubber stamp.
    Gary Tong has shown leadership in taking on a review of the rail trail issues independent of council staff and whatever the result it wont need to include arse covering.

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