Men With Guns

22 Nov

You have to question the logic of stationing grown men playing war games across the road from a Kindergarten.  I was greeted by the sight of three men in camouflage with guns (smoking – the men not the guns) while taking my daughter to kindy.  I noticed them when approaching by car and ensured my 3 year old didn’t see them (I couldn’t be bothered explaining so early in the morning).  The poor boy riding to school past kindy crossed the road rather quickly upon seeing them and I don’t blame him.

The Kindy teacher mentioned that the kids and teachers could go over to see them.  A pre school age excursion requires 1:4 parent/child ratio doesn’t it?  Around water 1:2.  I wonder what the ratio around guns is?  LOL

Hopefully they won’t be bitten by one of the many roaming dogs in Bluff.  But then again it may be a good thing, something might get done about the problem.



2 Responses to “Men With Guns”

  1. Philip.T November 22, 2013 at 9:51 am #

    Talking of guns did everyone see the bit on Magpies last night on TV. They are attacking the postie in Ashburton I think it was. NZ Post can do anything. Council says its the regional councils problem, police say its not their problem, regional council say its the councils problem and in the meantime the magpie holds fort over the street. Good example of just how sad NZ society has become with so many people doing so little. A few years ago the problem would have been dispatched in 15 minutes and one or two rounds of ammunition.
    Imagine if a real war broke out. Government would say its the councils problem where the invaders have landed, council would say its the regional councils problem because its on a beach, police would ticket those speeding to defend the beach so perhaps we should look after the magpies as they may be our last line of defence.

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