Time And A Half

20 Nov

I wonder how this works?

1Are they all doing it for love?  I doubt many would be able to persuade their family to do that for their employers.  That is a big commitment.  And will Bluff Service Centre and their families be delivering in Bluff?  If it is a paid role, isn’t that just nepotism?

One Response to “Time And A Half”

  1. Moesmum December 1, 2013 at 9:21 pm #

    we have 65 delivery contractors who cover Invercargill city in 1 day with the Express and the Eye newspapers so 12 days to deliver the council calendar would be a dream for our network crew……..each contractor has between 120 and 1000 houses they deliver the papers too ….and for a pittance. We are Australian owned. The opposition REACH Media had the contract for delivery of the council calendars and i know that last year there were problems with the delivery so ICC were in negotiations with our idiot marketing team in Auckland so I guess we missed out on the new contract and they are paying their staff instead to do it over 12 days.

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