The Mayor And The Airport

18 Nov

First Invercargill, now Wellington.

Celia Wade-Brown was appointed to Wellington International Airport’s board yesterday, despite council officers advising Wellington City Council that no elected members should be put on the board because of the danger of a conflict of interest.  The officers told councillors that, because of decisions about the amount of public money that would go towards the runway extension, the presence of a councillor on the board would create complex conflicts.

How clever our council is to approve the upgrade then appoint the mayor to the airport board.  Conniving might be a better word.

BTW: Ms Wade-Brown will not be receiving a director’s fee, it has been redirected it to a councils grant fund.  How about it Tim?


One Response to “The Mayor And The Airport”

  1. Philip T November 18, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

    Tims come a long way from his leftie days and commune life. The last thing he would turn down is a few dollars for a cameo role on a board. He has developed an insatiable appetite for money and there would be no way he will give up any.
    But good to see the mayor of Wellington has scruples.

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