Pens At The Ready!!!!

14 Nov

Be ready to express your views on Tim Shadbolt’s way to get Rugby Park in council ownership.  Get your Southland Times tomorrow! BTW Doing good Louise!

In anticipation I offer my email communication with Brian Hopley (a trustee of the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust a.k.a Rugby Park and General Manager of Rugby Southland)

She (that’s me) said

I got your contact details from Charities Commission website.  I would like a copy of the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust’s most recent  financial reports.  I would also like to remind you that you have not fulfilled the requirements of Charities Commission registration.

 If unable to obtain them through you it will be necessary to highlight your organisation’s non-compliance to Charities Commission.

 The Invercargill City Council’s assistance and involvement with Rugby Park historically means there is greater interest in the effective management of the facility.

 Please email the reports as your earliest convenience.


 Kylie Fowler

He said:

Hi Kylie,

 I am not sure who you actually represent so am unable to provide those details, but I will present your email to the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust at their next meeting.

 The SOST 2012 financials have not been finalised.

 The SOST trust have just approved the financial data be presented for audit (October meeting).

 Just to make it clear I am not part of the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust, Rugby Southland provides administrative support to the trust and is a tenant of Rugby Park.

 Kind regards


She said

Hi Brian

 Thanks for your response.  I am aware that you are with Rugby Southland by your email address and I am aware that Rugby Southland are the tenants of Rugby Park.  That said, your email address is given on Charities Commission as the contact for SOST.  You are also listed as a Trustee effective 30/11/2011.  You are therefore, in part, legally responsible for the compliance of the organisation. 

 The organisation is defaulting in their responsibilities.  Being de-registered will mean the SOST loses their tax exempt and charitable status.  That would be detrimental to both organisations you are involved in.

 Who am I?  I am a stay at home mother who finds local government of interest.  By taking funding from the Invercargill City Council for maintenance of the outdoor stadium, the Trust, by default, has responsibilities to the wider community.  I represent no-one except my own curiosity.

 I look forward to you uploading the financial information to Charities ASAP.


 Kylie Fowler

He said

Hi Kylie,

 Thank you for your email.

 Just a couple of things.

 I am not a Trustee, so don’t know why I am listed as that, I facilitate the meetings.

 Also the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust do not get any ongoing funding from the Council for maintenance.

 The council did assist NZRU, the IRB and SOST in preparation for the RWC 2011.

 SOST have applied in the past for funding for maintenance but this has not eventuated.

 Kind regards


I have no doubt he is an intelligent man but he seems to be ill informed.  Charities Commission inform me that the Notice Of Change was done online by the trust.

Fixing Rugby Park fences and remove demolition debris is not “preparation for the RWC 2011.”  It was needed to be done by the trust but they hadn’t and the place looked like crap…ICC funded it to be done so it didn’t look like Chernobyl on a good day while we were hosting.


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