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8 Nov

I think I forgot to share Cllr Dennis’ propaganda from yesterday in response to a residents letter to the editor.

I think also may be a good time to remind people of the things said way back at the start of the A2B.  Here is the submission from ICC to Environment Southland along with initial budgets and Southland Economic Impact Assessment (is that a loss?).   As someone pointed out to me, that is not ‘new’ money to the region because suppliers have to be paid etc…

I suggest people watch last night’s South Today to see the arrogant Mr King’s interview regarding the living wage.  Part of his argument against ICC providing a ‘living wage’ ($18.40 per hour) is that the cost of living is less here.  I suggest Mr King rethink that argument.  If pay scales were decided on the cost of living in that area, why is he being paid an equivalent salary as CEO’s further North?

Wages are reimbursement for doing a job.  For that reason alone I do not see why age, gender or anything else, such as the cost of living, should come into it.


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