31 Oct

The author of today’s letter to the editor would appreciate Chris Trotter’s recent article on The Daily Blog. 

Chris Trotter highlights that the people in NZ that earn over $250,000 p.a. equates to the population of Oamaru.  The earners over $100,00 would populate Dunedin.  That’s not a lot in the scheme of things and in a population of 4 million.  Strangely though, they are the holders of the power.  Chris Trotter’s post was part of acknowledging Labour Day.  For the under $100,000 population the 40 hour week is a distant memory and for the seasonal or part time worker it is something to aspire to just to make ends meet.

It is plainly obvious Invercargill has the same arrangement.  I have been told I’m naive in the ways of politics.  I ask how is that a bad thing?  The Daily Blog quoted “Ye are many – they are few.”   Add to that a relevant Lincoln quote and you’ll see where I am coming from.

That is why you should use your vote and be informed and involved!  We should not have elected members that are included in the ‘Dunedin population’ because of our council controlled organisations.

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