Still Out Of Touch

30 Oct

Mitchell ‘the editor’ shows her ongoing ignorance.  Her copyrighted Bluff Beacon has her complaining about placement of cigarette butt containers.

How sad that the minutes show the positioning to be what her and Procter resolved.

Members discussed the merits of locating the container at Stirling Point where it
would be visible and accessible for people wanting to dispose of cigarette butts
near the viewing platform, but not visible in tourists’ photographs.

The Chair also suggested a container near the toilets by the track to the
Chainlink sculpture.

Moved J Mitchell, seconded B Procter and RESOLVED that the trial placement
of cigarette but containers be near the viewing platform by the kerbing and
channelling but not on the viewing platform and the second one to be by the
portaloo along the track from the Chainlink sculpture.

The report was in the agenda (pg 21) and Mitchell had ample time to draw a diagram or take some pictures if she was so definite about where they should be but from what I can see they are where the board resolved to place them.  One isn’t ‘by the portaloo’ but as Cllr Ludlow said yesterday…it’s all in the interpretation.

And what the hell is she suggesting with this comment?

To emphasise the stupidity this container is little more than a metre from a rubbish bin.

Surely you aren’t suggesting placing cigarette butts in a rubbish bin?  Not everyone puts them out properly you know.  And if it is that close to a bin, surely the bin is in the picture too?

Oh well, never mind, her reign has ended and the sun will come out tomorrow.


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