My Two Bobs Worth

30 Oct

The point I feel has been lost regarding Karen Arnold’s comments at yesterday’s meeting was that the community needs reporting to be honest.  Mayor Tim can say ‘a cynical person might see it like that’ but I think it is important to be up front and relevant.  The council can be optimistic and hopeful and cheery and ‘happy, happy, joy, joy’ at annual plan time.  The Annual Plan is about what is planned and what they look forward to achieving.  One would think that should have some optimism to it (otherwise we are all f…..)

The Annual Report is reflective.  We have facts, figures, and outcomes.  We also have the ‘not achieved’ category.  While the ‘portfolios’ didn’t really have any set outcomes we can still present what actually happened.  It shouldn’t be sugar-coated.   We know what has happened.

The Bluff Foreshore was never a ‘goer’ in real terms.  The ‘offending’ piece was not even about the Bluff Foreshore really.  It was about a yacht race that just happened to end in Bluff along the ‘foreshore’.

Being a reflective document, I would have liked to see the costs included in each of the portfolio summaries.  That I believe would be real transparency.  If the councillors can’t proudly say they tried xxx and only achieved xxx then they shouldn’t have tried in the beginning.  If they truly believed in the path they chose to take and it was based on the right information then they should be able to accept it didn’t work and confidently say ‘sadly it didn’t work but we gave it our best shot’.   Even I (a cynic at times) can accept an honest attempt done for the right reasons.


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