The Law Is An Ass

29 Oct

Police and government agencies and not for profit groups spend time at malls and outside The Warehouse and the likes to educate us to use our seatbelts.  They bombard us with TV ads and billboards.  They have done a great job making my children little Gestapo soldiers when it comes to wearing seatbelts.

The stupidity of a government that then allows our children to travel to high school on a bus on a 100 kmh state highway, laden with trucks, without our kids wearing seatbelts is reinforced by this ‘logic’:

The Marlborough harbourmaster hopes the Government will make the wearing of lifejackets on small boats compulsory, as the summer boating season opens this weekend.

Alex Van Wijngaarden said rules in Marlborough required boaties to carry, but not wear, lifejackets.

That is akin to enforcing seatbelts be fitted in vehicles but not having to wear them….? Duh!


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