Farewell Bluff

22 Oct

Rachel Goldsmith on the TheDailyBlog had this to say in relation to the politicising of the Len Brown affair:

As long as your focus is on your community, not your wallet and power & control, I think you deserve to have a crack at leading it – whether you’re left, right, or somewhere in between. Your ideology could be very different from mine, but you have my respect if you are there for the right reasons.
That pretty much epitomises my views of local government.  It was with that naive mindset I was introduced to the narcissistic ideals of Jan Mitchell.  For her it is about power and position.  What is right or proper does not process.  All that matters is that she gets the recognition.
She has published her own ‘valedictory words’ (because no one else cared enough to), she casts blame on Standing Orders for her short comings.  Standing Orders meant she DID have the opportunity to control things at the meetings, she failed.  Every situation  that has arisen at Bluff could have been dealt with at the time by the chair.  A lot of the situations were a direct result of lies or incompetence, all capped off by her narcissistic personality.  You have to give her credit for keeping it undercover for so long.  The stories of misrepresenting photographs, altering accounts, and usurping residents never really made it to the fore.
Her reign is now over but sadly many have suffered.  John Edminstin is the most obvious one but time will tell on that issue.  Bluff as a whole has lost many opportunities and thrown money at her many pet projects.  Many individual residents have their own Mitchell story.  I am saddened Charlie never got his opportunity to serve without the appalling actions of Mitchell at every turn.  Even Brent finally saw the light   Pania too suffered by association (and low attendance).
Brent is correct on delegations, and Charlie tried to get some (cue Mitchell to kill any ideas she didn’t come up with) but I hold very little hope for Bluff other than some token consultation.  Nothing personal to any of those elected, my despondence for the role of the community board came long ago.   Sadly it looks to be reinforced by a board that will not ‘hit the ground running’ (or even walking).  The role of the board has been diluted long ago and I doubt a virgin board will restore the status it once had (or should have).

3 Responses to “Farewell Bluff”

  1. Lee October 23, 2013 at 7:48 am #

    The notion of a Green Party policy writer from the Clutha commenting on the “politicisation” of Auckland Local Body politics is naive and irrelevant.

    In Bluff – the people have spoken.

    And as at every General election when new Members of Parliament are elected and get to grips with their new role, a new era is created and new history will be created.

    The people have spoken.

    • Philip.T October 23, 2013 at 8:39 am #

      I think anyone commenting on politics is good. Much of what people write does not fit with my thinking but it stimulates me to think and the more people who actually think the better. Far to much of what happens today is not because some agrees or disagrees but because people just don’t care. As you get older you see the trends and when people disengage the result usually is someone takes advantage of the opportunity for some reason or other.
      The biggest challenge we face for the next generation with so much information at their fingertips is to make them think about things and come to their own conclusions. Just blindly accepting what you see or thinking about simple answers to things will lead us to the USA model where every black man is a potential criminal. In fact the worst criminals are dressed in suites and usually white. I dont believe in conspiracy theories but do believe today’s marketing carries lots of subtle messages aimed at children to try and get them thinking they must have Nike shoes and the likes. Trying to get conformity into peoples thinking.
      Thats the thing we need to challenge and putting your thoughts out there is one way. Dont expect agreement and be willing to read what others say without feeling you need to agree.

    • Kylie October 23, 2013 at 10:38 am #

      Green party, Clutha etc is not relevant…..I always refer to where I obtained the comment or information or why I am raising it. I don’t think you read the full article or it could be you just don’t grasp the way I think. After your comment I re read the article and my blog post. Have to say I totally disagree that it is irrelevant..
      I fully endorse the piece I quoted from Rachel Goldsmith and the “politicisation” she talks about is exactly the situation here in Bluff. The roles and players may not equate as such…neither I nor Brent, nor Charlie or Jan…etc..are Len Brown but the victims are the same and the tactics do compare
      And maybe there is a back story to those denied oysters? http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/8711056/The-world-is-Bluffs-oyster-tomorrow
      That is but a tiny portion of the goings on and not enough people realise the issues. To use the statement ‘the people have spoken’ is naive I believe.
      Sorry Lee (and the voters that take offense) but not enough people have taken notice to make an informed choice (I am guilty of that at a central govt level). Many people tell me about what they learned from my blogs (not my opinions…the links to the info). That saddens me. I believe we all have responsibilities as voters (yes I will be better informed next general election). They shouldn’t rely on me for their info!
      “And as at every General election when new Members of Parliament are elected and get to grips with their new role, a new era is created and new history will be created.”
      They don’t ignore politics and decide to run one day….they are usually opposition or active on the political scene or involved in some way.
      Instead of worrying about who your related to or do business with or who you grew up with…..people in Bluff should speak up on principle and with the knowledge they have. Mitchell would not have resigned this year….she wouldn’t have got in years ago….informed people put their head above the parapet and speak out cos it’s right but they have sat quiet and not rocked the boat…our town has suffered because it was permitted! Silence is the best friend of people like Mitchell. I best stop before this becomes an essay…

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