Things We Could Learn From Dunedin

20 Oct

I know I’ve raised Dunedin circulating LGOIMA requests before but IT IS JUST SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!

Sadly it hasn’t been updated since June but it has to be one of the best commitments to transparency I’ve seen.  In addition I would imagine they are saving themselves some work.  No doubt information requested by one person is later requested by others.  On one credit card request they were able to inform the requester that it was already on their website.  One upload of the information may save 2, 5, or ten people requesting it.  I don’t know how many they get but I know in my network alone at least five of us are usually interested in the same information.  In the absence of effective media and council we need networks for things to change.  The finer details of how is a whole ‘nother issue but thank god for the internet!

Sadly the ones that care and want to change things quite often have to work and/or earn a living because there is no money in council watching.  I do believe our council gets by on that premiss.

Once I have my s^$t together I would like to put my LGOIMA requests (and anyone else’s) in one place like Dunedin City Council.  One day….


Check out this site that you can lodge your request through and at present has 606 requests.  I haven’t spent much time on it yet…


One Response to “Things We Could Learn From Dunedin”

  1. Kylie October 20, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    There is a delegation document Brent Procter would be interested in

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