Busy Mr Barnett

18 Oct

The Sopers offer some food for thought when you look at the many interests of Mike Barnett.  First we should look at what the official Around The Mountain site says:

The Around the Mountains Cycle Trail was conceived by Lynley Barnett while mountain biking from Mavora Lakes to Walter Peak in 2007, suggesting that this ride was so beautiful it should be made into a tourist product. Mike Barnett took up on the idea and developed the concept of an Around the Mountain cycle trail linking the small towns of Mossburn, Lumsden, Athol, Garston, Kingston, and Queenstown.

Mike Barnett is a tourist consultant and Lynley Barnett is an accountant, based in Queenstown.

Lynley & Mike have recreation interests in walking/tramping, road cycling and mountain biking and have commercial interests on the Otago Central Rail Trail, Hauraki Rail Trail, West Coast Wilderness Trail and Around the Mountains Cycle Trail.

Companies has the following

BARNETT, Maurice Williams

HAURAKI RAIL TRAIL LIMITED (2351729) – Shareholder 50% (Individually Held)
DAYLOCK LIMITED (1885795) – Director & Shareholder 50% (Jointly Held) <1% (Individually Held)
AROUND THE MOUNTAIN CYCLE TOURS LIMITED (2410491) – Director & Shareholder 100% (Individually Held)
WEST COAST RAIL TRAIL LIMITED (3707042) – Director & Shareholder 25% (Individually Held)
WILD KIWI LIMITED (1202484) – Director & Shareholder
50% (Individually Held)
MILFORD ROAD TRANSIT LIMITED (1468354) – Director & Shareholder 100% (Individually Held)
BOOKING SYSTEMS LIMITED (3520271) – Shareholder 33% (Jointly Held)
ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEMS LIMITED (3002920) – Shareholder  25% (Jointly Held)

SHERPA BUS LIMITED (4130780) – Director & Shareholder
GREAT CYCLE RIDES NEW ZEALAND LIMITED (3192289) – Director & Shareholder 100% (Individually Held)
TRAIL JOURNEYS LIMITED (1156935) – Shareholder 15% (Individually Held)

Interestingly he resigned as a director in 11 September 2008 from Trail Journeys Ltd

TRAIL JOURNEYS LIMITED (1156935) – Ceased Director

He’s very fortunate to have an accountant for a wife, tax time must be a nightmare.


3 Responses to “Busy Mr Barnett”

  1. Lee October 18, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    Do not fall into the trap of surrendering your undoubted talents to the politics of envy.

    Good Kiwi saying: “Play the ball, not the man.”

    • Kylie October 18, 2013 at 6:59 pm #

      I can’t see how I am. The Southland Times limits our community to 150 words. I was merely expanding on the Sopers letter which was drawing our attention to publicly available information.
      Don’t have an opinion or view because I don’t know enough…yet…

  2. Philip T October 18, 2013 at 8:06 pm #

    Got to wonder why people think someone speaking about people abusing their positions because of self interest has anything to do with envy. It is rife in Southland and is spreading because it appears to be accepted.
    The Sopers are people who have given a huge amount to the community and when they speak up people should listen. Just looking at the website and the companies Mr Barrett has formed and its pretty obvious that he has used his inside knowledge to leverage some business deals. That should be unacceptable for councils who should be transparent and treat everyone the same. Thank goodness someone speaks up.

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