Keeping Yourself In Work

17 Oct

Venture Southland have highlighted the opportunities for businesses to be involved with the Around The Mountain Trail Partner Programme.  It looks to be a great idea.  No costs to be involved but I do feel sorry for the accommodation providers having to cough up 15 % per booking through the website.  It’s a nice website – I would like a search engine though and I don’t like online forms (I finally found some email addresses thankfully)

The VS website started with this:

The Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Official Partner Programme is operated by Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Ltd (the Official Trail Managers) in association with the Southland District Council (owners of the Trail) and Venture Southland (the Regional Tourism Organisation). These three organisations will monitor membership in order to ensure standards are maintained and reserve the right to review the membership of a business at any stage.

Mountain Cycle Trail Ltd have an office in Queenstown with staff so why do I read on the Venture Southland website this

Where do I go for more information?

If you are interested in signing up your business as an Official Partner on the Around The Mountains Cycle Trail please email Bobbi Brown

I asked on the VS blog

In what capacity are Venture Southland involved? Why does a business contact Venture rather than sign up to be a partner through the website and Queenstown network staff?

The response was this

From VS group manager tourism, events and community Rex Capil: VS provides support for local business development and destination marketing opportunities related to this product development opportunity. VS supports the SDC project by acting in its economic development agency capacity. Businesses can sign up direct or via VS if they wish.

The VS post did not say that you can sign up direct but then again I haven’t found where it has the Partner Programme on the official website either.   Am I being cynical or can someone explain the need for Venture to be involved?

Mountains Cycle Trail Ltd have an obvious role.  The SDC provide the infrastructure.  Venture seem like the third wheel.  What am I missing?  What do they offer in addition to what the other two parties do or are they just keeping themselves in work by doing what Mountains Cycle Trail Ltd can already do for themselves?



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