The Usual Non-Compliance

4 Oct

I’m sure Invercargill City Council and SDHB candidate Dave Rohan won’t mind if I use his name, credit where credit is due.

Here is his communication with the chief financial officer at ICC (and CEO of Holdco I’m told)

Gidday Dean

Can you advise me please where I can access Holdco’s annual report to 30 June 2013.


Dave Rohan

A valid question.  In less than a hour Dean responded

I will get a copy to you in the next couple of weeks once they are printed. 


Dave responds with the facts and another valid question

Hi Dean

Thanks for your reply.

Holdco’s constitution states that the annual report must be available to the public within three months of the balance date. Isn’t the balance date 30 June? If so, it has to be available by 30 September.

Am I missing something or does the constitution not matter?

I look forward to your reply.


Dave Rohan

Best not hold our breath.  Long story short, Holdco is not adhering to its constitution – see clause 22.3.2.  I hope our current elected members appreciate that it is an election period and ensure it is released ASAP.  With the weekend being upon us, I will accept it via email and make available immediately.  Brownie points and maybe some votes for the first one to get a copy to me:


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