By The Numbers

3 Oct

I was curious about the stats for the past Invercargill elections.  Seemingly we are at 23.6% today.  The previous election (not by-election) received a 60% return.  Sadly it returned 67% of the incumbent councillors back to their nice warm seats.  That equates to eight old and four new.  The newbies were Carolyn Dean, Ian Pottinger, Graham Lewis and Lloyd Esler.

I decided to look up the picks I made from the 22 candidates.  Based on my ‘want’ list I have only 34% (4) returning councillors (based on their rounding system).  My ‘will’ list unfortunately has 67% returning councillors.  Due to retirements we only have a maximum of 75% that can return to their seats.

I hope others have made their picks too.  I don’t want to be the only one sharing come 13 October.


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