Found But Lacking

2 Oct

Cracker sent me to the right place, page 63 (of part 4 – page 189 of the Annual Report), but ICC have failed miserably.  This is why ICC p$#s me off so often.  It seems they either jump to conclusions, make assumptions, or are collectively stupid – take your pick.

They list all the elected members and the remuneration they receive, as approved by the Remuneration Authority.  But that is not what Section 32 asks for.  They fulfill the responsibilities of 32 (1) but 32 (3) is severely lacking.

 To avoid doubt, subclause (2) applies to the total remuneration (including the value of any non-financial benefits) that, during the year, was paid to the person, or was payable to the person, by the local authority and any council organisation of the local authority.

What about the part that says “any council organisation of the local authority.“.  That is conveniently missing.  That would includes the council controlled organisations.  Does the Mayor’s figure include the vehicle?  Makes a mockery of the Statement of Compliance doesn’t it?

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