Where To From There?

1 Oct

Cracker has pointed out that IVEM didn’t comply with their Statement Of Intent.   We aren’t getting the whole story (the norm in Invers).   The most recent Annual Report we have access to has some interesting figures in relation to IVEM though.

ivem money

BTW there was no ‘above’ item that it could be ‘in addition’ to.

Well that is an interesting turn of events.  I look forward to the next annual report.  Is that the Ticket Direct income?  Is that $1m that used to go toward ICC that is now being siphoned off by IVEM?

Here is the only other reference to IVEM in the related party list.

ivem relatedClick to enlarge sorry

Where will the money go from there, since the curtains are closed at IVEM?  Only Dean Johnston and Boniface can tell us I suppose.


One Response to “Where To From There?”

  1. Philip T October 1, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    The Mafia should send some people over from New York to see how they could do things better. Read the list of fingers in the pie at the end of the report and weep. I wonder if the COC directors, their lawyers and accountants will move to the next level and start marrying their sisters to keep it all in the family?

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