Bluff’s Next Junket

27 Sep

The next community board conference will be in the Far North.  Bluff Community Board have been ‘budgeting’ (that means taking directly from Bluff ratepayers) $4200 a year to attend the bi-annual community board conference.

The community boards national executive committee voted unanimously to hold the conference at the Bay of Islands /Far North, citing the venue’s variety and flexibility and the choice of leisure activities available.

The board don’t spend all of it but they have continued to take the same amount each year I have been council watching.  By taking more than they need for so many years for so many different things they have accrued about $30k in reserves.  So for those who do get elected to the board, I suggest you go through each line of the budget and actually discuss it.  Read Section 38 (and 39) of Schedule 7 of the LGA.  Do not take ANY advice from the retiring Mitchell.  And when you resolve to accept a budget remember that it will become the amount you take out of the pockets of Bluff ratepayers unless you are wise in how you are in making resolutions.

I will be shocked if there is an increase in the rate/budget.  When setting it I would like to see a resolution along the lines of:

“That the budget be set at $XX,XXX and that $X,XXX be taken from reserves and codes …………… be paid for by ICC under Section 38 and/or 39”.  Tell the bastards who’s boss and who is making the decisions/recommendations for Bluffies.

I don’t care how much brown nosing to ICC Mitchell has done in the past…it is a community boards job to stick up for us.  If more candidates had actually attended a meeting prior to running I may have some more confidence but god forbid we have an all new board that have never seen a meeting being run properly or us actually being represented.

I need to stop there because I could go on for hours with examples, bus, petition, legal opinions requested by Mitchell, conflicts of interests, preferential treatment, turncoats, town hall…


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