Making More Enemies Than Friends

26 Sep

The electioneering period has shown me that Boniface’s high opinion of himself will be his downfall.  At Grey Power he arrogantly assumed he didn’t need to introduce himself.  Being on Council since 1974 he probably thinks everyone knows who he is.  At the Youth Council he seemed to be arguing with a resident and rather than listening, he took the old ‘convince the people I’m right and they are wrong’ angle. He seems to think ‘we don’t know how it works’ or ‘we’ve got it all wrong’…etc…  He’s got it around the wrong way in my view.  At the Chamber meeting he obviously felt he is the right person to be a Director (when in reality he has been in the council environment for so long, he is ‘institutionalised’)  His signs say POSITIVE COUNCIL.  I am wanting a REALISTIC COUNCIL.  Identify the problems, be realistic in the outcomes and objectives and find the best way to get there…preferably using what we have already got (the combined knowledge of our community).

The electioneering period has shown me how many wonderful minds and informed people there are.  When they get together, interesting discussions arise.  Bob Simpson calls some of them the ‘old heads’.  The collective wisdom is staggering and add a new generation of passion etc and we have a winning formula.  But instead of progress and community involvement we have a few ‘groups’ running our town.  If you don’t play along, you will be ousted…from everything.  Who knew the mafia existed in Invercargill?  The Road Knights have nothing on ICC and friends.  Sadly ICC aren’t as clever as some of their friends (and bloody legislation gets in the way! lol)

The Vibrant Invercargill argument seems to be an example of ICC trying to control rather than work with.  They want to have a hand in, and control over everything.  It seems pretty obvious that a targeted rate called Vibrant Invercargill Rate was intended to be for Vibrant Invercargill but from next year ICC will call it something different.   Boniface’s response to Dave Rohan says an ‘independent’ survey was done.  The survey was done by ICC staff and now it looks as it a council staff member will take over the role.  It looks like the word ‘independent’ means something different at ICC.  Maybe the problem is Vibrant Invercargill are independent of council and council can’t handle that independence.  Vibrant obviously don’t agree with council so now they are being ousted.

Venture Southland have not had a hands off role in the CBD nor have they had a hands on role.  Why have they not done anything prior to being asked to ‘present’?  Are they only willing to do anything in the CBD if they are given more money?  Do we have to pay more ratepayer funds to them to get Bluff represented too?  Is $1.6 million not enough?


One Response to “Making More Enemies Than Friends”

  1. Philip.T September 26, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    It is sad to see the disconnect with the reality as far as Vibrant goes. I think the reality is that Boniface can see the opportunity to create another board that he can squeeze to add to his income. $150K per annum from council and council owned companies must be getting a bit tough.
    The facts are. There is no employment issue that required the meeting to go in committee.
    Vibrant does not have a service contact with council nor should it.
    Vibrant is an independent organisation that functions for the good of the CBD stakeholders which cover those who live, work and carry out their business in the CBD.
    Kylie sums up the Venture thing well but also remember venture when set up took over the role of Southland Promotions and people should look to them to be leading the promotion of the city.
    Much of what Vibrant does does not fit with council day to day running. For instance Vibrant lobbies to have less restrictive CBD parking which is better for retailers but means less income for council. Those discussions are healthy and means people get heard.
    Council seems unable to work in a constructive and positive manner with organisations that add value to the people of the city.
    The reason again is simple in that some councillors act as bullies and the others sit frightened to speak out.
    As kylie say think before you vote and remember some votes are for councillors, other votes are for careers and well paid ones at that

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