Flagrant Abuse Of Position

24 Sep

It probably isn’t abuse of position really because I’m happy for anyone to promote their event on the blog (even rotary! lol) just as long as it can be deemed a community event and isn’t on the same day as the oyster festival!  Feel free to email through your event motupohue@mail.com.  And because I am in front of the computer far too much please type up what you want to say and/or send a JPG so I can display it on the blog.

Today however, I want to announce  that the Bluff Oyster & Food Festival have got tickets for sale on Trade Me until the end of the year.  We can make up an auction suits your needs (so organise the bus now) and now you can buy them without a credit card and from anywhere in the country without horrendous booking and shipping fees.

So go and your tickets now!!!


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