Howling At The Moon

21 Sep

There was a full moon on the 19th so it is no surprise that Brent Procter has responded to Mark O’Connor.  It is becoming evident that Procter is not claiming South Port are defaulting on their responsibilities under law.  It now seems that Procter wants South Port to be a better corporate citizen.

South Port support the oyster festival.  The rugby team is called South Port Bluff seniors.  The Heritage Trail signs have South Port on them.  The Maritime Museum sits on South Port land without lease or rate costs.  I know another group that asked for some funding and received all of it.

I find it surprising that Procter chooses a public lambasting as a way to achieve his objectives.  Has Bluff 2024 (of which Mitchell and Procter are a part of) approached South Port?  Procter attacked his fellow community board member Te Au, and oyster festival chair Edminstin, and the oyster festival committee, all in support of community board Chair, Jan Mitchell.  Procter might like to check with her to confirm whether the South Port/community board relationship disappeared once she took over.  Of course, Procter has since learned the error of his ways in supporting a chairperson that provides untruths.


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