The Whirlwind

20 Sep

The whirlwind romance that is electioneering is nearly over.  While the election period does continue until noon on 12 October, it seems the week before the election papers are delivered is the most full on.  I do hope people do not just tick their papers when they arrive.  There are 22 days to go and a lot may happen so you have time to get hold of those you are unsure of and ask questions.  Please only vote for who you truly want.  You don’t have to use all your votes.

I have attended various meetings this week and have to say the Chamber of Commerce Southland meeting was the most enjoyable of them.

A few candidates are getting together to show their support for a Plan B Inner City Upgrade (Plan C, D, E…etc are also encouraged)and to share a base for meeting and talking to people.  So please don’t vote yet, take your time, do your research, it is an important decision.  I don’t believe it is about my views or ideas…choose who you think will represent you best (whether they agree with you or not).  BTW I will.

You can find out more about all the candidates on and more about Bob Simpson’s CBD vision and ideals at advocate4action

Here is a press release Dave Rohan put out and kindly allowed us tag on to.

Four Invercargill City Council candidates who share a common concern about the inner city upgrade welcome a more modest upgrade proposal, Rebecca Amundsen, Kylie Fowler, Colin Heath and Dave Rohan said in a joint statement today.

The mayor and seven councillors approved the Pocock inner  city upgrade plan despite the fact that two councillors were not standing for re-election, the plan was double the budget and ratepayers and the business community, who would be paying for the upgrade, had not even been shown the plan.

We believe all stakeholders should have been given the opportunity of discussing the plan, options, likely costs and sources of funding, before the council approved the Pocock plan.

Discussing ‘options’ implies there is more than one option, apart from the option of doing nothing.  The Pocock proposal has now become ‘Plan A’ because Invercargill architect Bob Simpson has produced ‘Plan B’.  Mr Simpson describes his proposal as being ‘modest’.  We believe Plan B will achieve the objective of helping to invigorate the inner city while being simpler, cheaper and less disruptive than Plan A.

We encourage any interested party to produce Plan C, Plan D etc.

Mr Simpson will explain his plan at a meeting at 93 Dee Street Invercargill (between Spey and Don Streets) at 5.30pm on Wednesday 25 September.  All ratepayers are welcome.

While the community now has two options, the opinion that we share has not changed – all stakeholders should be given the opportunity of discussing the options, likely costs and sources of funding, before any further action is taken.

We congratulate ratepayers for expressing their frustration at the Pocock plan, the way the council approved it and the lack of consultation or explanation.  Many of the pro-plan councillors have moderated their position.  It’s a pity that pressure has to be applied before the wishes of the community are taken into account when decisions are made.  We each support a more transparent decision-making process.

Dave Rohan, on behalf of Rebecca Amundsen, Kylie Fowler, Colin Heath and Dave Rohan.

20 September 2013

Come in to 93 Dee Street, Wednesday 25 Sept @ 5.30pm to talk to the candidates and Bob Simpson.


4 Responses to “The Whirlwind”

  1. Kylie September 21, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    Here’s a post I did back in May with Bob Simpson’s CBD ideas. The post was done before the CBD plans were available remember. The Inner City group plans have some similarities except that Bob’s are more modest and realist.

  2. Philip T September 21, 2013 at 10:45 am #

    I would be careful not to be seen as supporting a plan A B C or Z for that matter. The issue is the process and the process was wrong. Consultation was wrong, financial implications were wrong, council forecasting was wrong and the list could go on and on. I don’t think there is a option that is right at present and what we should see is a mixture of plans. Isnt that what the word consultation means? Bring people together to debate something until they reach a collective decision.
    Much of what is going on is because of the horse-trading. The mayor is being manipulated so instead of showing leadership he is holding his hand out. Directorship 101. Senior CBD member John Green was bought onside by yet another directorship. Directorship 102. Elder pushed it through council because he has several directorships under his greasy armpit. Boniface, Dennis. Sycamore, Ludlow, and with the mayor in tow voting is a formality. I think perhaps finally the people are waking up to what is going on but rather than argue for a different corner the argument should be let do thing right. There is a moral high ground here because people have been acting immorally. That’s the ground we need good people to occupy.

    • Kylie September 21, 2013 at 11:03 am #

      Totally agree! I thought I was supporting the concept of a more modest and realist plan (not any one plan perse) and that more options be encouraged and more consultation. I do like the Gandhi quote Bob has chosen and see the ‘shop’ as an opportunity for more community discussion.
      I was apprehensive about being involved but felt at was at least a way of speaking out and getting the ball rolling. Drawing a line in the sand so to speak.
      I, as a mother of four, hardly ever go to the CBD and that is where I support more REALISTIC ideas. $12m or more does not acknowledge the changes in society and the way they spend.
      Our City, Our Trust (ILT) may need to put their stake in the ground so we know what our future is in the CBD.

  3. Philip T September 21, 2013 at 11:18 am #

    Good one you for being prepared to get involved. A councillor should embrace all ideas and be prepared to approach things with an open mind. Bob has put out a great document but I hope it doesn’t become polarising. He has done a lot in the city, his experience is priceless and the fact he has done what he has done shows how the consultation has been a failure.
    Invercargill desperately needs people prepared to think for themselves and be prepared to talk to and ask questions of people but still come to your own decisions.

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