Something From 2006

18 Sep

I hope their opinion has changed but I would like to use this opportunity to remind everyone the importance of ZONING.

Bluff. The small town sits at the end of a bleak penninsular, at the end of a bleak province, at the end of a bleak island. A dirty great aluminium smelter squats across the treacherous-looking harbour entrance which quickly turns to muddy tidal flats where old boats are left dumped and rotting. The foreshore esplanade is littered with wrecks, strewn with abandoned buildings and blighted with fuel tanks. It’s like a post-apocolyptic version of Devonport of the 1960s. It is one of the few towns that doesn’t even seem to have any entrance or marker. No proud moment to proclaim their existence – just a fertiliser plant and a string of delapodated factories to welcome visitors curious enough to see where State Highway One ends up: which is a signpost at the end of a small carpark above the lolling sea breaking around the kelp leathered rocks, indicating 4,800km to the South Pole. Would be a great place to eat fish and chips. But I didn’t have any. So that was a bit shit.


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