The Importance Of Being Earnest

13 Sep

Last night was a meeting of those who had shown an interest in local government and zoning issues.  It was organised by two board members, Graham Laidlaw and Charlie Te Au.  The district plan has been put out for public submissions by ICC.  The current community board did not have a meeting scheduled.  Charlie contacted the chair about it.  He was concerned that the board would miss out putting in a submission.  Mrs Mitchell’s response was annoying to say the least.  ‘We can make private submissions’ and ‘it is bad timing and we will have to make the best of a bad situation’.

The district plan is only done once every TEN years.  The new board won’t have a chance to submit before submissions close but the way the submission process works is that the plan will go out for ‘further submissions’.  Only those that submitted the first time around can submit during Further Submissions.  I’m told both Charlie and Ram thought it was important for the current Board to submit and ensure the opportunity was available for the next Board.  The issues being submitted on do have to be in the first submission though.  The current board and candidates were invited along with the Rezoning Committee.

I couldn’t go due to childcare issues and Charlie and I in the same room discussing an issue would scare most people.  As my Mother always says ‘poor Charlie’…thanks for the support Mum!  lol

In the past three or four years I have grasped the importance of zoning.  Anyone complaining about Invercargill’s CBD and the Leven Street expansion should as well.  I see it as a plan that lists all the wants and do not wants of a community.  In my head it is akin to everyone putting a sign in the ground saying what they would like (and not like) in each area.

The Rezoning Committee would probably have signs on the main street saying we don’t want storage facilities here.  We don’t want large trucks travelling down Gore Street regularly.  We don’t want large windowless buildings boxing in Gore Street.  They would probably also have signs saying we DO want:

Dive Shops
Educational Learning Centre
Maori language classes
Gas (Petrol Stations) allowed
Bait & Tackle shops
Coffee & Internet shops
Hot Bread shop etc
Ice Cream Parlor
Fresh Fish shops
Cottage industries
Community centre
Some of it may seem a long way off but it’s for the  next ten years (or longer).  Once something is zoned for a particular activity and that activity is happening then no matter if you rezone it, they can stay and continue unimpeded.  That was actually the whole purpose of this post but I started big picture thinking (sorry).  I will expand on ‘existing use rights’ shortly.  For now I think everyone should re-read this letter to the editor from April 2012  to appreciate the need for appropriate zoning.



3 Responses to “The Importance Of Being Earnest”

  1. Philip.T September 13, 2013 at 11:24 am #

    This sort of stuff is the reason a large part of the population is now disengaged with local body matters. They feel you dont get listened to or if you do nothing happens anyway and in todays fast moving world we are used to seeing things happen fast. Having the submissions on the plan at the same time as the elections is ridiculous as well.

    • Kylie September 13, 2013 at 11:30 am #

      In the first instance Charlie asked Richard King if the Board could have a late submission…NO. Incredible that they renewed King’s contract.

      • Philip.T September 13, 2013 at 2:24 pm #

        They had to renew it. He has something over Tim and a few are beholding to him for their directorships. The power of the dollar

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