Silly Season

11 Sep

Well, I spoke at the Council of Women’s Meet the Candidates last night.  Pretty happy with how it went but am still not ‘into’ the whole electioneering thing but I suppose it has to be done.  I’m not one to pat myself on the back and champion my own cause.  I have been told my passion for local government is obvious though and that in itself is vital I believe.  My bluntness (which is frequently taken as unfriendly) I think will serve me (and residents) well around the table.  That’s about the most I would laud about myself.

Next up is Grey Power, Monday September 16th 2013, at the Ascot Park Hotel starting at 1:00 pm.

The Youth Council have organised a public meeting at Southland Boys High School Hall on Wednesday 18 September, 5.30-7.45pm.  They might not like the answers I have to their questions, but better the devil you know.  I’m not the type to make election promises or pander to special interest groups.  The reality is, I will only be ONE vote around the table and therefore can not promise anything except that I’ll do my damnedest and totally ‘get’ the role and responsibilities of council.  I am proud that I also appreciate and understand the principles behind the rules and regulations and believe that is just as, if not more, important than the rules themselves.  No use doing something if you don’t understand why and the ramifications of the alternatives.

On the Thursday (19 September) is one organised by Commerce South but space is limited I believe so you should contact them to see if you can attend.

More immediately (and easier to access) is the Cue TV special.  The Newsroom Election Special is over two nights – tonight @ 8pm and tomorrow @  9.30pm.  Sadly it only has those willing or able to front up with $200 (+ GST).  I was fortunate enough to have a backer but with legislation allowing up to $30,000 to be spent on electioneering, it means the ‘haves’ are more able to get name recognition.  It is not about who you are nor is it a popularity contest.  I would like everyone to vote based on what that person offers to the role of representing the majority view even if it opposes their own view.  Hands up who wants a $12.1M CBD upgrade…  I hope everyone also takes note of who did (and did not) come out the answer your questions.  Personally I will only be voting for who I want and will ignore the rest.  I will not be using all my votes (or anywhere near it).

Cue TV have the old schedule online.  Carl Heenan got food poisoning on the night of filming so couldn’t make it and Lindsay Abbott was moved into that slot.  Here is the broadcast schedule:

Election Special 1 – Broadcast: Wed 11th Sep at 8pm, Thurs 12th Sep at 6am, Thurs 19th Sep at 9.30pm, Sun 22nd Sep at 6pm

 1st Half Hour, PANEL 1

Peter Kett

Dave Rohan

Rebecca Amundsen

 2nd Half Hour, PANEL 2

Colin Heath

Bill Obers

Graham Sycamore

 Election Special 2 – Broadcast: Thurs 12th Sep at 9.30pm, Sun 15th Sep at 6pm, Wed 18th  Sep at 8pm, Thurs 19th at 6am

1st Half Hour, PANEL 3

Neil Boniface

Kylie Fowler

Lindsay Abbott

 2nd Half Hour, PANEL 4

Karen Arnold

Ian Pottinger

Shane Pleasance


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