Give Us A Hand

10 Sep

I need some name recognition I’m told.  I am amazed how many people want to help me get my name out there so I can be on council.  Sadly I don’t have the money some incumbents have to print billboards and publish newspaper ads.  Some very kind people have either paid my nomination costs, offered places to put signs, paid for me to go on Cue TV (Thursday@9pm) or just helped by spreading my name.  Thanks is about the best I can offer (and representation if on council!) but it is a sincere thanks.

The price of corflute signs is incredible.  A real estate size one is $70.  With printing and technology as it is, I expected less.  If I had considered running for council when we had a regular income I would have got it all done then but sadly I didn’t.  I didn’t decide to run on a whim but I had anticipated the next triennial.  Some people can be persuasive…lol.  I am just taking a break from hand painting my signs.  There is a little bit of Scots in me because even if I could afford the printed signs I couldn’t do it.  Not at $70.  Being a hoarder and ever so slightly creative, I have everything I need here so that is today’s project.  The housework will wait.

So here is my printer friendly sign and if you feel inclined to put it on your car or a window…GREAT and THANKS!  If want to make it even bigger…AWESOME!

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5 Responses to “Give Us A Hand”

  1. Andrea September 10, 2013 at 10:23 pm #

    You’ve indicated that the ICC should not be funding events, ie ratepayers aren’t event funders. Events bring huge economic benefits for regions, unfortunately many are unable to shoulder the large investment on their own so require start up assistance? The benefits stem wider than just financial but also publicity, urban regeneration, job stimulation and so on.
    It was with help from the ICC that got Burt Munro festival off the ground – now named one of Time Magazines Top 10 (10 i think??) events to experience, which is amazing publicity for our city. Just wondering if you could elaborate for me on your opinion.

  2. Philip T September 10, 2013 at 11:21 pm #

    I don’t want to pre-empt Kylies reply but you are quite correct that we need events. However as ratepayers we are paying Venture Southland millions of dollars a year for them to be looking at business, tourism and other growth projects. We are also paying $40,000 for the Mayor to help promote the south. What we have is no clear vision of what we want or how we should fund them. One day its council, next day its the ILT and the next its Venture. The failure to have any clear understanding of who should do what means things are done in a piece meal fashion when we set up Venture to take care of that while council takes care of what they should be doing. The classic case of why we need Venture is the Yacht race where the ICC gets side-tracked because a what I would call a con man tells everyone how important they could be.
    Council staff are not qualified to do this sort of thing, they are employed for their skills in running a city and its infrastructure. Venture employs people with skills in business development.
    The Burt Munro event has taken off because of a group of avid enthusiastic people prepared to put the effort in. Yes very successful but the strength is local people. Another example is the Hamilton V8 racing where council got behind it without the local input and now is left with huge debts.
    The question is why should ratepayers have to pay twice of in the case of the ICC three times as they happily take money from your power bills as well to use on some things.

    • Kylie September 10, 2013 at 11:36 pm #

      Haha, was busy typing my response to then see yours once I posted it! Too true regarding Venture – why have a dog and bark yourself. That seems to be the case with Venture Southland.

  3. Kylie September 10, 2013 at 11:30 pm #

    I agree that events bring significant benefits to regions. The Burt Munro is a good example but sadly it was not just help to get off the ground, it is ongoing. Southland Motorcycle Club are still receiving funding every year from ICC. If the benefits are so great to the region, they need to make those benefiting pay via sponsorship/in kind arrangements. E Hayes acknowledge the benefit the event brings to them by sponsoring the event. They in turn get to promote their business to a wider audience.
    We are also blessed with funders that have a legal responsibility to distribute funds and it is a role better suited to them than a city council. Central government also offer event funding through the Ministry of Tourism – that Time article could be a very good supporting document to an application.
    I am involved with the oyster festival. We started with $10 sent from Winton (thanks Mrs Gopi) and have created something quite amazing that helps over 15 community groups each year. We ensure all those that benefit help us to put the event on.We bring millions of dollars into the region and make sure it is spent here.

    • Philip T September 11, 2013 at 12:06 am #

      Interestingly Venture does reports on the economic benefits to the community of all events. The ILT also is very aware of the benefits and actively promotes things like the Burt Munro as they get a good spinoff in accommodation, food and alcohol. The ICC would be completely in the dark

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