A Half Decent Editor…

10 Sep

…might advise people advertising with them that authorisation statements are required for election ads.

The Bluff Beacon, run by someone who has been involved in local body politics for 15 years, has published four ads for the upcoming elections.  Only two have authorisation statements included.  The other two ads are for incumbent councillors who should know better.  The editor should too!

Meanwhile, on the streets of Invercargill, I’m told one incumbent councillor has a trailer sign parked on council land.  Specified as not permitted in legislation.  No use of ANY council resources.  Signs on private property all over the city don’t have authorisation statements either.  I’m with Cracker on this one.  If a person can’t adhere to a simple requirement such as that they don’t deserve your vote.  If they think the rules don’t apply to them then we don’t want them around the council table.  Residents deserve better!

And what is council’s Electoral Officer doing about it?  You can lodge your complaint on 03 2111777 with Graham Low.


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