What’s With Rotary?

8 Sep

Rotary do some great work even though it always seems to me like a club that grew a social conscience.  The wild food festival is proving that conscience may be a front though.  I know the proceeds of the festival will go to Rape and Abuse Support Centre Southland but my fear is there will be very little left at the end.  Aside from the stolen concept being held inside a building I feel like the organising of it will have everyone involved clipping the ticket along the way.  Their first order of business seemed to be to employ someone at the cost of the ratepayer.  Next up was funding of $30,000.  They can claim community all they like but true sponsors will see it for what it is.  Job and event creation (for a select few for a short period of time).  Council managed to get an Events Fund past the ratepayers and now they are all sitting around sipping wine and finding ways to spend it.  By the time everyone gets ‘reimbursed’ so no one is ‘out of pocket’ and the services are all provided by businesses owned or run by Rotary members there may be very little meat left on the bone.  Sounds a lot like a Venture Southland run oyster festival.  I can’t see many businesses jumping on board with one or two thousand dollars when the ‘fundraiser’ has a paid organiser.  Why is it Council don’t practice what they preach?  When are all expected to support a CBD upgrade ‘to give  confidence to building owners  to upgrade their buildings’ but Council are willing to throw $30K + at an event that Rotary are showing little faith in.  If Rotary have confidence in this project why have they not invested some of their $183,000 in it themselves?


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