Grim Reading

8 Sep

Granted, I am originally from Pukerua Bay (part of Porirua) but I have been here for over 15 years.  I don’t think I’m showing preferential treatment to my home region but check out how Porirua City Council are selling their area to businesses.  You can find heaps of info and their promotional catchphrases are not just catchy little sayings, they have links to back up what they are saying.

And what about economic development in Southland?  It makes for grim reading.  With only two links within the commentary (one external) I am only one click away from Regional Projects.  A very blank looking page that really only highlights the Energy Strategy.  I am a regular internet user but even I have to remember to look for side menus.  Information needs to be searched out whereas the Porirua one presents multiple links within the text.  I ended up looking at the 2005 Southland Transport Study which did not make for good reading and sadly little has changed since then.  Under the heading of Economic Development, within the report, it contains this gem: (underlining my emphasis)

When the ability to transport is not available, development is restricted. Financing a major project
requires a high degree of certainty in major risk areas and freight transport is usually the second largest
cost an industry faces. Uncertainty about capital costs, plans and designs, consents, and community
acceptability have the effect of undermining a venture at the financing stage. The maintenance of an
efficient transport infrastructure is important, as without it this high performing region will experience
significant barriers to economic growth.

But don’t worry we will have vehicle scale art in  our CBD.

Looking around the Venture Southland website showed me why Crops For Southland were liquidated.  They served no purpose.  Why produce a crop data sheet (it’s actually just a webpage) that can’t tell me how much I can grow per hectare or whether there is a market for the crop?  Maybe it is better suited to a Botanica page.  Last I checked commercial growers don’t drag hoses around their crops.

The brittle stems break quite easily so the plant should be placed away from areas where it might be bumped or have the hose dragged across it accidentally.



One Response to “Grim Reading”

  1. Philip T September 8, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    You have been busy. Crops for Southland was another example of trying to re invent something rather than look to form partnerships with the farming community who have a huge amount of knowledge and experience.
    We have business interests in one of the fastest growing parts of Australia, the Sunshine Coast. Every letter from their council has the footnote. Proud to serve the community. Letters are normally ended with, If we can do anything to help please don’t hesitate to ask. Its a culture that has been developed by good governance. Completely failing in the south

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