Precincts 1 – 9

4 Sep

ICC had provided a portion of my request from last week.  Here is the CBD document they discussed in public rather than the suggested ‘In Committee’ a.k.a. public excluded, behind closed doors

Here is the four page document for our $2.6M one laning of Dee and Tay Street, $13,200 to change traffic signals and a $2.7M ‘Bowling Green’.

Sadly they have not supplied everything I requested.  Look at the Implications portion of the report.  Is a budget amendment required?   Yes, if…
Well what did they agree to?  I am still waiting on the unconfirmed minutes.  I requested the resolutions the day after the meeting and am still waiting because

Hi Kylie


I have spoken to Cameron McIntosh, Director of Works and Services and he has advised that the minutes will need to be checked first to clarifty what reports were moved into the open part of the meeting.


We will have an answer to your request on Monday.

I had to remind them it is now Wednesday but I have at least one piece of the puzzle now.  Maybe I’ll get some more tomorrow if I remind them?


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