Past, Present, Or Future

25 Aug

As I mentioned yesterday, the District Plan has been publicly notified.  We have 40 working days to submit.  There may be ‘further submissions’ for ten working days but ONLY for those that submitted the first time.  This is done ONCE every ten years.  The District Plan is a blueprint of how we want the community to develop.  I haven’t looked at the Invercargill maps but the Bluff ones (maps 29 & 30) indicate to me that the review team seem to be mapping the current community, with a little direction from those that want yacht races and marinas (but strangely no cafes on the waterfront).

I should outline where my brain is at on this.  To me, what we currently have shows us what does and does not work but that does not mean we should include it on the DP.  We should include what we want to evolve, sometimes they are the same.  The shopping area we currently have works and if we believe it should always be our shopping area then we should ensure zoning indicates that.

However, I am at a loss to understand why Whitetops Dairy is given the same zoning as the shopping centre whereas the Foveaux Dairy is zoned Industrial.  Businesses that exist have the right to be there even if the zoning is changed so what is currently there need not be factored in.  If the Foveaux Dairy closed do the council (or community) actually want an industrial activity to be allowed to start up on the site?  Given that at the boundary of two zones the rules of the lesser zoning apply, that tiny little site would be hard pressed to conduct a true industrial activity.  A buyer would be very upset if they bought the site and thought they could weld and bang away all night only to receive complaints from the adjoining residential zoned properties.

McKenzie Marine and Mackraft have pre-existing rights but if they outgrew their site and moved somewhere else would we want that site to remain an industrial site?  The newly suggested DP says yes.

The new District Plan suggests the old Tasti Treats site opposite the Challenge garage be residential.  If someone wants to live there feel free (new build or not) but it is a great site (with some road changes) as an introduction to Bluff.  We could indicate that by giving it one of the Business zones.

The Shaw Savill site has pre-existing rights for 5 years I’m told.  If they rebuild that is their right but if the don’t…do we always want that to be an industrial site?

This is not something that should be taken lightly or ignored, and no Mrs Mitchell, we should not ‘make the best of a bad situation’.  We need to be pro-active and say what and how our community evolves.  It is our right and responsibility as the current custodians of Bluff.   I really hope people take the time to have a look at some of the plans or rules or at least talk about it with people so you are confident you want to leave the future development of Bluff to ICC, the community board and council watchers like me.  Fancy forms or wording is not required, just a letter or email that outlines your views for the way you want Bluff to evolve and make sure they know it is a submission on the District Plan Review.


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