Go Ahead, Make My Day

22 Aug

Vote for me!

vote for meAnd I have kindly made a black on white version that is printer friendly so you can print it out and put it in your car window or shop….lol

UPDATE:  I will now be going on the Cue TV election show thanks to a generous donor.  I am truly blessed and honoured that someone is willing to do that for me.  Hand up, not a hand out and all that.  I don’t know how to express my thanks so I will just say, thanks and hope I don’t make an idiot of myself.  If I make it to council you can ‘out’ yourselves as the backers if you like…lol


One Response to “Go Ahead, Make My Day”

  1. Philip t August 22, 2013 at 10:13 pm #

    I think candidates of similar thinking should look to form some sort of loose alliance and stand on a ticket for change. Even three or four would be able to pool resources and get a bigger chance of getting on council. Just a thought. I would be happy to make a contribution and I am sure others would as well. Just have to get a catch phrase that becomes associated with the names. Time for change. Make your day. Onwards and upwards. Not any of these but some thing short and sharp and catchy and have it in every mail box around the time ballot papers go out.

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