Off On A Tangent

21 Aug

I was noseying at other council holding companies when I got distracted (easily done on the internet).  Before I was distracted I thought it was of interest that Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL) has eight directors, four from the council.  I could not find any of the elected member directors on any of the holding company subsidiaries.   That seems logical when you consider the claim in the CCHL profile:

The CCHL board comprises eight directors – four councillors and four appointed external to the Council. CCHL sits between the elected Council and its commercially operated trading subsidiaries, providing a buffer for the companies from political interference in commercial operations while ensuring that the board recognises the needs of its shareholder – the Council.

After cross checking elected directors on CCHL with the Companies Office I decided to check Dunedin.  That had me come across a Dunedin blog I hadn’t read for a while and that sent me off looking at their nominations for the 2013 local body elections which in turn lead me to the ODT’s election coverage.  I can’t say I like the way it is written (yay us! Go ODT!) but at least they are doing something.  We are getting bits through from the Southland Times but making it a feature would be easier for me.  I am scanning the paper each day to see what candidate it is to be featured.  A Q&A might be easier for me to compare candidates and having some rhyme or reason for those displayed would be helpful also.

Any way, enough waffling, my point is the ODT are stepping up along with the Chamber of Commerce to provide information.  Who will step up in Invercargill?  As a candidate I have received an invitation from the NZ National Council of Women which I will be attending.  Cue TV have invited me to appear at a cost of $200.  I would have been terrified but won’t be able to attend anyway.  Spending $200 on promoting myself would be irresponsible at the moment.  We are still waiting for a start date for Charlie’s work and as a mother of four spending the $200 at the moment would be akin to upgrading a CBD with the prospect of new earthquake standards to adhere to on the horizon…lol

I am considering arranging a ‘Meet the Candidates’ for Bluff.  Does anyone know of any others planned for Invercargill, Environment Southland…etc…?



One Response to “Off On A Tangent”

  1. Philip T August 21, 2013 at 11:20 pm #

    The Southland Times failed in its community responsibilities during the last election in failing to any good in depth reporting on candidates and what they want to achieve. Cue wanted money for any coverage as well and the Southland Express will have its hand out shortly. It should not be about money but sadly it is to some degree and first time candidates have to fight incumbents who have been sucking on the public purse teat for sometimes many years and are flush with money they never had to earn. Carolyn Dean made good use of Facebook last election and did well. Not sure what the answer is but getting your name out there is important and billboards work if placed in the right place. The fight is about just motivating people to vote. Somehow you have to encourage people to engage but many feel they can never make a difference.
    I wanted the times to print the amounts paid over the previous term to councillors either by the council and also council companies but they seemed uninterested.
    I also questioned how a elected person appointed to council owned companies could refer to his employment as Company Director when this was only because of his elected status. It is deliberately misleading people into thinking he is someone he isn’t. The same could go for another who is retired.

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