Southland Times Campaigning

20 Aug

I see the Southland Times has two articles about those running for elections.  I will assume for now that they intend to go through ALL candidates before voting papers reach residents.

An Invercargill City candidate has a letter to the editor (as do a few other residents) asking that ICC stop with the CBD upgrade.  That seems to make sense to nearly everyone else except Elder and Ludlow (with Dennis being a ‘little evasive’).

Note to Southland Times:  You have yet again spelled Procter two different ways in the same article – you deserve to have your work outsourced overseas if you continue to make stupid mistakes like that!


One Response to “Southland Times Campaigning”

  1. Philip T August 21, 2013 at 11:30 pm #

    The CBD Upgrade to be announced tomorrow is 100% over its initial 6 million budget. Much of that is changing streets so less traffic can flow through town but that fits well with the town planning over the last few years. Anything but encourage a vibrant CBD and let retailers chase people to the fringes of the inner city. There is little in the plan that will bring people into the city and really its just about tearing down whats in place and building something newer. The good thing is council will develop cold feet and put it aside until after the election now when hopefully common sense will prevail. Norman Elder has a master plan around the purchase of the Deveron St car park so will push hard for council to approve this but cant see it happening

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