What A Community Board Is Supposed To Be

19 Aug

OMG, felling trees in stages, imagine if that had been the case on Bluff Hill?  Imagine if our community had been informed of things by our Board?  Imagine if residents had monitored our Board?  I knew the felling was coming, and I tried to spread the word but too many were quick to judge the information based on the messenger rather than the message.

The Waikouaiti Coast Community Board are obviously not lackies to their council

After months of debate, the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board has chosen to go with a revised council plan to fell trees next to Waikouaiti Beach.

The revised plan by the council intends to remove the pine plantation next to the beach in four stages. The first stage is to start in November and the last is tentatively set to finish in 2017.

The council came up with the plan after community members at a meeting in November last year objected to a plan to fell the trees in two stages, concerned it would leave them vulnerable to coastal erosion and battered by wind and sand.

We now have 12 nominees for our community board.  To me that does not just say we are unhappy, it says ,thank god Mitchell is gone.  Strangely we still have groups that invite Mrs Mitchell to speak at events such as the 125 year celebration of the Fire Brigade.  Why is beyond me and add to that they had to attend a call out at the Mitchell’s because they left an unattended fire burning during a fire ban.  The Mitchell’s response to Environment Southland, you can burn up to 4kg of plastic a week’.  Argh, maybe it is still allowed but it was from an era before recycling…OMG!  Somebody save me from my ‘leaders’.

As an aside, I am dismayed so few of the candidates have never attended a community board meeting.  While I don’t think they would learn too much, they should at least know a little about Standing Orders or maybe they could learn how not to run a board or a meeting?  I dream of a board that has every luncheon and community meeting be offered to all members.  Tasks, roles, and responsibilities to be shared and all expenditure to be approved by the board not council, not the chair, the board, in public at a meeting.

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