Representing Your Community

17 Aug

I went to the Auditor General’s website to see if there was anything new or of interest.  There on the home page they were promoting this.  I do believe the $25,000 amount is to high, especially when if are representing the residents in a small community.

Quite obviously I raise this because we now have the pool manager as a trustee of our community pool.  The employee of ICC will be required to decide whether they (the trustees of the pool) wish to continue using ICC to manage the pool.  The decision will mean employment or unemployment for the trustee.  I don’t know the amount of the wages or salary but, whether it is over or under $25,000, it is a conflict.  The pool trust may not be ‘local government’ but neither is a licensing trust.  They are all voted in under the Local Electoral Act to represent the residents.

ICC, of course, will duck and cover and say it is up to the pool trust to manage the conflict but I do believe I can offer another ‘I told you so’ on this.  It turned to custard when our community allowed the community board to act independently (without the residents) and as always in ICC’s back pocket.  ICC wrote the Trust Deed, ICC decided on the voting system.  Sadly the original Trustees (decided by ICC) signed and accepted and did not change the Trust Deed.


2 Responses to “Representing Your Community”

  1. Philip.T August 21, 2013 at 9:18 am #

    Yes the Holdco council setup would be called corruption anywhere else in the world but down here it is accepted. The fact the city manager can be part of the appointments is the main reason he still has his job. Now they into lending money so they can bypass normal channels for sorting out major shortfalls with the stadium rebuild. That will also be interesting as the insurance company has yet to settle and there are some big issues of stuff being claimed for that has been taken off site and put into peoples garages which puts the whole claim under threat. However finally we may see some changes in the faces that sit around the council table

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