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15 Aug

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Press Release
(For immediate release)
15 August, 2013
Cr Dean not seeking re-election to ICC
Councillor Carolyn Dean will not be seeking re-election to the Invercargill City Council for the coming term, instead shifting her immediate political focus to an advisory role to Southland District Council mayoral candidate Gary Tong.
At the helm of the ICC’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Cr Dean has successfully led the council’s most critical and highest spending division for the past three years, overseeing the city’s roading, water, waste, wastewaters, parks and reserves and council buildings.
Prior to her election in 2010, she worked as a sustainability consultant advising councils and businesses around the country and was an ICC staff member in the Works and Services directorate for three and a half years.
Announcing her decision today, Cr Dean said not standing for another term was effectively a strategic break from the internal cogs of local government which would allow her to pursue business interests and diversify her governance experience in the outside world.
“Stepping outside of council this term is a strategic move. I’m still 100 percent committed to this region and the stellar future that’s ahead of us. This is not a withdrawal from serving the city, it will actually enable me to ramp up my efforts in more direct ways,” she said.
“People think you have to be elected in order to make a real difference in your community but that’s a myth. By its very nature, council business is notoriously slow and can hypnotise you into a state of apathy if you’re not vigilant. There are plenty of punchier and more dynamic ways to help build the future of the South and that’s my goal – starting with the right Mayor for the Southland District to replace Frana Cardno.”
Cr Dean said Tong was a no-nonsense, man of the people with a diverse background which included search and rescue, tourism and roles within the council environment.
“It provides Gary with a unique insight into the workings of council and would enable him to hit the ground running, in the same way my background benefitted me,” she said.
In addition to lending her support to Tong’s mayoral race, Cr Dean intended to remain actively involved in the community and pursue business interests and governance roles which would strengthen and diversify her skills.
“I’m open to any new challenges and opportunities and I am particularly excited about the potential for a number of upcoming events and projects set to transform our city in a big way.”
These included the inner city redevelopment, the growing momentum around the A2B Yacht race and associated events in February, and the potential growth of SIT and its international student program.
“My philosophy is that to create change, we need to get together and focus all of our energy, not on fighting the old, but on creating the new. That’s the way forward for Southland and it’s an incredible journey to be part of.”
For further information or to arrange a photo, contact: Carolyn Dean   021 812 554 (after 3pm)
        Gary Tong 027 465 5182

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